GGpoker Review


Legal skin


Intuitive interface


Fast deposit and withdrawal


Recreational and amateur players


Variety of daily tournaments

GGpoker is one of the poker sites where you can find the most popular games in the industry with a large volume of traffic. For some time now, its traffic is also open to European and Canadian players, although it is not available for players residents in Spain.

Currently, GGpoker has managed to become the flagship of the Good Game Network (GGNetwork) thanks to its unique features, such as the fact that it is one of the sites to play online poker with more professional and recreational players worldwide, only surpassed by Pokerstars and IDNPoker, its Asian competitor.

For all these reasons, we want to bring you this GGpoker review that will allow you to understand why it is a good option if you want to get into the world of online poker.

Advantages of GGPoker

Level of players

One of the biggest advantages of playing at GGpoker is that players have a rather low level.

High rake

The rake is higher than most competing online poker rooms and networks in the industry.

Variety of games

Both games and tournaments are very varied every day. In addition, they have several promotions that are updated periodically.

Variety of promotions

As we have said, it has additional promotions: rake races, chases, etc. to get extra rakeback.

PokerCraft integrated

GGpoker has integrated the PokerCraft analysis tool, with which you can monitor your statistics and results.

VIP Program

The GGpoker Fish Buffet is worth it, especially if you take advantage of it and, complementary, also of our reward system.

All-in insurance

Another great advantage that you will only find at GGpoker is the possibility to protect your hand with all-in insurance.

Low commissions

The tournaments only have a commission that varies between 3 and 5% on all Cash Game tables.

Types of GGpoker MTT Tournaments

Every day the poker room organizes several online poker tournaments, but it also has additional tournaments, such as the Good Game Series, the most famous festival of all and that counted with $50M in the last edition held.

All the regular MTTs that you can find in GGpoker are divided into nine types:

GGpoker Software

All GGpoker skins use the same software. In fact, you’ll find that only some of the unique promotions of the skins and logos change, but essentially the software will remain the same.

One of the things we like most about GGpoker is precisely its software. It is a state-of-the-art program, with very modern and intuitive functionalities, optimal for beginners and also for advanced players.

GGpoker is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS, so you can play from virtually any device.

About add-on software, it is important to note that the GGNetwork prohibits the use of any additional software. This means that neither HUDs, tracking programs nor sitting scripts are allowed. The only two ways you as a player can get information about your game are GGpoker’s own internal features: SmartHUD (gives you statistics about your opponents) and PokerCraft (gives you information about your own game).

Thanks to PokerCraft you will be able to access the download of your hands, but keep in mind that GGpoker will remove all information about your opponents’ hands, so you will only be able to monitor your game.

The GGpoker App, which must be downloaded directly from the official GGpoker website, is available for iOS and Android, as we have already mentioned. If you are an Apple user, it is best to request a download link in support, so they can send you an updated one. The GGpoker App, however, has an interface with an intuitive and simple design and allows you to play four games simultaneously.

Is GGpoker reliable?

GGpoker is a completely legal online poker app, licensed by Curacao Gambling. All games on this platform use a random number generator and are tested by BMM.

As it usually happens with online poker apps, GGpoker also has a strict privacy, payment and withdrawal policy, using only payment methods that guarantee verification and data encryption.

In addition, another reason why we like GGpoker is because they are also strict with the rules of the game, enforcing numerous accountability measures and table etiquette, as well as the fact that they have an extensive anti-money laundering protocol.

How does rake work at GGpoker?

The GGPoker network uses the model known as PVI (Player Value Index) to calculate rake, as do other networks, such as iPoker. This basically means that GGpoker does not count 100% of the actual rake generated for all rooms and affiliates, so a very good player, in the worst case scenario, can end up with 70% of the rake generated at the table he played at. The PVI model is used in the usual cash tables and in the Spin & Gold SNG, in the rest of tournaments, the All-in, Fold or even in the Short Deck Cash Game is always counted 100% of the rake generated.

The real rake generated is only counted at 100% in the GGpoker program, Fish Buffet, since it is the one that comes directly from the network and is the same for all the rooms that make it up. In the case of the rooms and affiliates, the rest of the rake is retained by GGpoker, which pools it to implement improvements to the network and its software, launch promotions for its players and also to continue to encourage increased traffic.

Although this is a detail that may seem negative at first, we don’t really think of it that way. If you think about it coldly, the level of GGpoker players is very soft, so your own win rate will increase. Besides, you should also keep in mind that GGpoker promotions are very attractive and beneficial to get extra rakeback.

How is GGPoker's traffic?

As we have already explained above, GGpoker ranks third in the ranking of the best poker networks. As you can imagine, this is a mind-blowing result for a site that was founded recently, in 2014. In addition, it is also important to note that it continues to grow and grow.

The traffic is of good volume, with over 50,000 connections at any given time, guaranteeing 24/7 action at its tables. Both games and tournaments are always full of mostly recreational players with a very smooth level of play, in fact, one of the smoothest on the market.

Conclusion GGpoker Review

The level of exponential growth that GGpoker is having continues to increase and it is not for less if we take into account all the features offered by this app: very stable software that guarantees a good gaming experience, plus a comfortable, intuitive and modern interface, very high rakeback offers, great variety of very interesting and exclusive promotions for players and a wide crowd of players that guarantee tables full of a smooth game.

In our opinion, GGpoker is an excellent choice for both beginners and professional online poker players.