General information about GGPoker

GGPoker is one of the best-known names in the online poker industry. It is one of the fastest growing and has become one of the most prominent brands worldwide.

Its popularity has been maintained at unparalleled levels thanks to the partnership with Daniel Negreanu, the six-time WSOP champion and Hall of Famer, who has been the face of GGPoker since November 2019. The firm has also worked with other high-caliber figures in the poker world, such as Dan Bilzerian or Fedor Holz.

GGPoker: what is it and why is it so well known worldwide?

GGPoker is one of the most acclaimed online gaming service providers of the moment. Its 24/7 full-table system has been one of the foundations that have made it gain popularity among players from all over the world, offering games of different levels at any time of the day throughout the week. But it is not the only reason that has led it to occupy a preferential place in the Olympus of service platforms focused on online poker: its award-winning rakeback system and its attractive promotions, along with its advanced exclusive software, have made GGPoker consolidate its position in the online poker sector worldwide.

Since mid-2020, GGPoker has been a partner of the World Series of Poker. Their collaboration was instrumental in making the Circuit Online Series organized by the WSOP a success in the toughest months of the pandemic.

In mid-2021 its partnership with the WSOP continued to bear fruit and a new edition of the WSOP Circuit Online Series was held, where players had the chance to win up to 18 gold rings, and during the summer of the same year GGPoker was also involved in the organization of the big edition of the GGPoker WSOP Online Series, where 33 legendary WSOP gold bracelets and cash prizes worth several million euros were gathered.

But it is not only GGPoker’s organizational capabilities that have catapulted it to the top of the online gaming industry. The platform has several integrated tools that have made it possible to assist players to make them enjoy poker even more during the games. One of the resources most appreciated by those players who have played poker on GGPoker is its All-In Insurance tool, designed to protect a hand from bad luck. A complement that is added to other live assistance systems, such as PokerCraft, which is designed to analyze the style of play, or Hand Moments, a tool to share on social networks the best moments of the game.

For amateurs, GGPoker is also a very attractive option because it allows buying a piece of a player’s action (or selling it) during tournaments, making spectators more involved in the game and enjoying a more immersive experience.

GGPoker Features

GGPoker is a platform with numerous features that make it a unique option in its segment. It is the ideal place for players looking for a platform with action at the tables 7 days a week. They offer games of all styles, including Texas Hold’em, Short Deck Hold’em and even Pot Limit Omaha. Each player can play against other players from all over the world and enjoy numerous advantages compared to other platforms in the industry.

In fact, the rankings that collect the average occupancy values, which measure the influx of players who play with real money at the tables, GGPoker occupies a preferential position and beats its immediate rivals. In fact, GGPoker’s tables are even busier than others on popular platforms, making the brand one of the best options for those looking for non-stop action at the tables.

The wide range of tournaments, the excellent rake presented by its tables (tournaments charge, for example, a commission of only 5%) and the continuity that exists in its average levels of affluence make it the best option for those looking to play online poker with really advantageous conditions.

The pending issue that GGPoker has at the moment is that it lacks Sit & Go tournaments. On the other hand, you can find Spin & Go and Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments, as well as a wide variety of alternatives, such as cash game All-In tables, Flip & Go tournaments or Battle Royale Sit & Go games, which offer a more frenetic style of play.