Fish Buffet GGpoker

Given the rapid growth that GGpoker is having, it is not surprising that it has become the most popular choice for players around the world. Especially if we take into account the loyalty program it has, which helps you unlock rewards hardly achievable in other poker rooms.

We are talking, of course, about the Fish Buffet GGpoker rewards system, a semi-random cashback program offered to all players who participate in the GGNetwork.

How does Fish Buffet GGpoker work?

All players receive FP (Fish Points) for playing at GGpoker, either poker or casino, with points based on the amount wagered (100 points for every dollar of rake).

There are eight different ranks in the GGpoker Fish Buffet, and as players move up the ranks, they will also unlock the opportunity to earn higher rakebacks. When you start, you will start from Plankton, the lowest level on the list, from which you can get up to 15% rakeback.

In the following table you will find the rest of the levels and ranks, their names, the percentage of rakeback you will get and how many Fish Points are needed to move up:

Platinum ranks and fixed weekly cashback

As players move up the Fish Buffet ranks, they will be able to upgrade to one of the Platinum ranks that are available. The Platinum ranks of the GGpoker Fish Buffet system give a fixed cashback depending on the points accumulated during the previous week. But don’t worry, if you don’t reach the minimum number of Fish Points required within the time limit set for your rank, you won’t be left at zero, but will be given a reward equivalent to 10% of the expired Fish Point.

The lowest of the existing ones is the Platinum Fish, which guarantees a 20% refund and has no point requirements to maintain it.

We show you in the following table the rest of the Platinum ranks, how many Fish Points are needed, what cashback they have and what is their time limit:

Platinum Fish
Platinum Octopus
750,000 to maintain the rank
365 days
Platinum Whale
1.500.000 to mantain the rank,
3,000.000 to update it
365 días
Platinum Shark
3.000.000 to mantain the rank,
5.000.000 to update it
365 days
5.000.000 to mantain the rank
365 days

In addition, with Platinum Ranks you will no longer have to spin the GGpoker Fish Buffet wheel, but you will receive your rewards at a fixed weekly rate with no spins and no time limits. Platinum Ranks will remain in place for a full year and, as mentioned above, you will need to have a minimum number of Fish Points in order to renew your rank.

Remember that to the GGpoker Fish Buffet loyalty program you will have to add our own rewards system if you play from 1stPokerNetwork: experiences, trips, tournament passes and much more are waiting for you!

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