13 October 2021

What is a blind in poker and what is its structure?

It is often said that the blinds in poker are lazy and a nuisance. And the truth is that very few people want to be the […]
8 October 2021

GGpoker network becomes the leading poker site in the world

GGpoker is one of the most popular poker sites in the online poker world today. In this network we find a large traffic of players with […]
24 September 2021

Aces poker: why it’s the most important hand in poker

Aces poker is for many one of the most iconic hands in poker. A symbol of power and fortune, the combination of the four aces in […]
21 September 2021

How to bet in poker: a basic guide

The first steps into the world of poker can always seem complex. In fact, some of the difficulty is due to the number of concepts – […]
13 September 2021

A beginner’s basic guide to poker

Although the origins of poker are not entirely clear, with some historians claiming its roots date back to the 16th century with the Persians and others […]
30 August 2021

Classic 5-card poker rules: how to play classic poker?

One of the most popular varieties of poker today is the classic 5-card poker. What is more, this variety of the game was the most played […]
30 August 2021

10 tips on how to play online poker for guaranteed success

Becoming a regular online poker player is now, more than ever, an option that is available to many. It is possible to make money and increase […]
17 August 2021

Poker combinations: tips for beginners

It is essential to know how hands are formed in poker: it is basic to know everything about the hierarchy of cards. Not having all the […]